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A brief overview of our services

Care Packages

We have bespoke care packages for all requirements. There is a growing trend for forward thinking businesses to offer staff working from home the same treats that they offer to staff working from their office. What better way to say we value you than with personally branded tasty treat!


Coffee Machines

Coffee and hot drinks are one of the most important aspects of any refreshment offering, they provide energy and collaboration opportunities. We supply the most technologically advanced machines available today that people love to use.



We recognise the changing culture of refreshment offerings. Staff, visitors, guests want choice, they want healthy options and they want to be able to eat what they want when they want to eat it. It is for these reasons that we feel the hub and micro markets will drive the industry into a space currently occupied by old fashioned canteens and outdated menus. If you need more from a catered provision but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands trying to create it, please get in touch.


Smart Fridges

Smart fridges have come along way over the last few years with smart telemetry connecting usage to an office or analysis software. This helps provide useful data that allows a tailored offering to every client. These fridges are an integral part of the Hub or Micro markets for fresh food.


Snack Machines

Hey, were not going to insult your intelligence, we supply a range of snacks, cans and bottle machines for areas with high throughput or sensitive security. They also play their part in the distribution of refreshments in big, busy locations. We work with the best manufacturers from all over Europe to ensure our equipment is reliable and at the forefront of technology.


Water Delivery Solutions

An essential part of any refreshment offering. Whether you want a simple tabletop water machine or a built-in tap offering hot, cold and sparkling, we have a solution for you. These aren’t just great from a business image point of view, they are neater, more energy efficient and therefore, better for the environment. Get in touch today and find out about our bespoke range from the best manufactures in the world.


Ice Machines

Over the last decade we have seen a growing demand for ice machines within refreshment areas. This in combination with some of our industry leading water machines makes for a very healthy, popular solution. We can build these in to vending areas, Hubs areas or stand-alone high throughput areas.


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